Chef Juje

A messy adventure in learning to cook

About Chef Juje

Welcome to Chef Juje! I’m learning to cook and want to share my (successful) recipes with family, friends and strangers.

Who names their kid Juje? I’m actually Juliana, but my sister couldn’t pronounce that name when she was little and called me “Juje” (think, jooj or joo-jee) instead. Silly, I know, but I enjoy it as my pen (chef?) name for this site.

Very soon I hope to have another contributorShe’s here! She’s here! Welcome our newest contributor (and my sister!), Chef Aud, helping me out.  Aud is a much more seasoned cook than I and, even better, she is considerably more budget- and health-conscious.    She and I both got our cooking start as kids when we developed Chips-n-All,  an ambitious attempt at running a restaurant in our parents’  kitchen.


3 thoughts on “About Chef Juje

  1. Juje, do u remember correcting the way I made toaster pancakes for u? I tried to nuke them & u showed me the directions that clearly stated, “do NOT microwave”. That was the beginning of your career as a chef!

    • Juliana on said:

      Haha I do remember that. I was such a little smart-aleck. Do you remember the kids at the swimming pool who wanted me to make those fancy shamble hot dog thingys? Too funny.

  2. I’m craving a shambly dog!

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